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Settlement of a fall down accident for a man with a fractured elbow


Jury Verdict for a driver with kidney lacerations after a trucking accident


Settlement following arbitration in an uninsured motorist case for a man who needed knee surgery following an automobile accident.


in binding arbitration for a minor who suffered facial scars


policy limits settlement in 2014 for multiple injuries - motorcycle crash


policy limits settlement in 2013 for closed head injuries - auto accident


binding arbitration award for

fibromyalgia - auto accident


injury settlement for a 79-year-old

woman following back surgery


2015 boating accident


for the victims of a deadly apartment fire in 2010


for a 39-year-old man who suffered cervical disc herniation from an auto accident


Jury Verdict in 2011 for a 59-year-old bus driver injured in a motor vehicle collision with a truck


for a 33-year-old man with lumbar disc herniation 

($250,000 personal injury settlement after a $64,000 workers comp settlement)


combined workers comp settlement and personal injury settlement for a construction site injury to a plumber


combined workers comp settlement and personal injury settlement for a home healthcare worker injured while driving within the scope of his employment


for a 26-year-old woman with partial vision impairment suffered in an automobile accident


Combined Settlements in 2015 for workers comp (40% MAW) and personal injury ($100,000 policy limits) following back surgery due to a work related automobile accident.


in 2014 for a 90-year old man who suffered facial fractures after being hit by a car in a grocery store parking lot.


combined settlements for the driver and passengers injured in an automobile accident on the interstate with a sweeping truck


settlement in 2013 reached through mediation for a 31-year-old woman with an un-operated disc herniation from an auto accident

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