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What Benefits Can I Receive?

If you have a compensable case, then in most cases you are entitled to have your medical expenses paid, you are entitled to 2/3 of your average weekly wage while you are off work on doctor's orders, and you are entitled to an award or settlement for your partial permanent disability.  The amount of your award or settlement will depend upon the nature and extent of your injuries, the body part injured and your wage rate.

Can I be legally fired for filing a workers compensation claim?

NO!  It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an injured worker for exercising rights pursuant to the Workers Compensation Act.  However, workers still must follow the rules of their employer.  It can be a tricky line to walk to exercise your rights and protect your job status.  Get some good advice!

Can I choose my own doctor?

YES!  An injured employee's options are not limited to only the "Company Doctor."   You have the right to see a doctor of your own choosing, and at your employer's expense.  However, the right is subject to rules and responsibilities.  These decisions must be made carefully.

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What Injuries are Covered?

Accidental injuries arising in and out of the course of employment are covered under the Workers Compensation Act.  This includes injuries suffered while working at a location other the employer's place of business.  Repetitive stress injuries, industrial disease injuries and mental stress injuries are covered in many cases.  There are exceptions and further details.

Workers' Comp

Injured workers are entitled to benefits

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