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When you've been injured in an automobile accident, you have decisions to make right away. Here are 6 things that you must do after an accident....

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If you've been injured on the job, you have a lot at stake.  In order to protect your case and your job, you should know your rights and obligations under the Workers Compensation Act

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We have millions of dollars in settlements, arbitration awards and jury verdicts.  Have a look at some of our results and client testimonials.

Chicago Accident Lawyer

When you are in need of legal counsel, choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  You need an attorney with experience and a proven record of success.  Chicago Accident Lawyer Steven A. Sigmond has 25 years experience representing injury victims.

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The Law Office of Steven A. Sigmond is a personal injury and general practice law firm located in Chicago, Illinois.  Since 1989, we have successfully represented thousands of clients in the areas of personal injury, workers compensation, civil litigation and the general practice of law.

Chicago Accident Lawyer

personal injury - WORKERS COMP

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal representation while maintaining a close relationship with each one of our clients.  We are located in the Fulton River District of downtown Chicago, across the river from the Loop.  Our office is a short walk to the Richard J. Daley Center, where we attend Court calls nearly every day.  Part of each day is also dedicated to answering questions from existing clients or potential new clients.  

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